Monday, April 20, 2009

When I Grow Up

Sometimes I can't decide between posting daily and having little to say, versus posting less frequently with more to say. I think the latter grants me certain liberties in talking your ear off apoetically - also it means I can make up words like "apoetical".

The weeks and weekends have been far too busy to recall in fantastic detail but I'll do my best. We've started a lot of things at work that keep me busy and push me to the brink of madness. I am realizing that what I currently do is not something I care to do for any great length of time. A couple of years ago, I told Jeff that what I really want to do is "make something with my hands" but I don't really know exactly what that is. It's harder to make a living this way, it's something I've thought about for a long time.

I've had recent thoughts about becoming a personal trainer, though I'd like to be in a little better shape to do this. I'd also like to be a writer, I've thought about writing a children's book for some time now. The most amusing part about writing is that after I work all day, the last thing I often want to do is sit in front of a computer. I think I'd like to sit quietly soon, and read something.

Jeff and I saw Sunshine Cleaning this evening at the Cedar Lee Theatre, it was a great movie - and you really can't beat $5 tickets and free popcorn. I have to say that being able to go on a date on a weekday is really cool, though it may seem pedestrian to most people. We dated for nearly two years while living miles apart and as time went on it became harder (emotionally) to do. Imagine consolidating all heartfelt, face to face conversation and interaction into one or two days on a consistent basis for 22 months!

Jeff ran in a track meet at Baldwin-Wallace on Saturday and placed fifth out of twenty or so runners. He ended with a time of 15:55. The weather was nice, but a little too warm for his liking, I think - for running anyway. We went to Panini's in Coventry and watched the Bluejackets game (boo) and ate hamburgers. Sunday, we made a Turkish stew with lamb, apricot preserves and other yummies. We got the recipe out of this month's Gourmet magazine (I got a free subscription when I registered for the Pedal to the Point). It's a pretty neat magazine and it seems to have some good recipes. I will post the stew recipe and other recipes we find interesting at another time.

I picked up a bottle of the Rose wine suggested by the magnificent partners in crime over at Sensory Overload from Whole Foods - It's really tasty! Someone has to come and help me finish it, though. Any takers?

Oh! We stopped by Music Saves and the new record store on Waterloo and picked up a mystery bag of CDs. Jeff and I have amazing luck buying CDs and falling hard for the newly found artists. Jeff wrote a journal on about it, actually - and I take great pleasure in his confession that I "1 upped" him by discovering Woodpigeon at a discount/used record store in Hamilton, Ontario. Woodpigeon is one of his favorite bands now.

Songbook is the CD I found at Cheapies for a few bucks - what a find!!

Regrettably I am not Blogger savvy enough to post mp3s here, but your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to listen to Woodpigeon sometime this week. Bonus points if you buy an album or individual mp3!

Dear readers, I would really like to hear your stories of interesting (and enjoyable) music finds. What did you find, and how did you find it/them? Have you ever bought a CD just because the cover art looked interesting? Dish, dish, dish!


Kelly and José said...

So happy to hear that you enjoyed the Rosé :) and, I'll totally help you with that bottle. . .that is, if it still somehow hasn't been finished off!

As for albums that I've kind of purchased per chance. . .I remember going to a show at the Beachland Tavern without Jose in the fall of 2005, missing his presence a surprising amount. After the show, I walked on over to Music Saves after and checked out their listening station. As soon as I heard the first track off The National's "Alligator", I knew that I absolutely had to get that album for José.

It's funny, b/c when I first handed him the cd all proud of myself, he was like "Kelly, come on, I don't like that band. . ."

The truth was that he didn't even know what they sounded like and I saw through his indie snobbery, knowing that he simply had based his opinion off of a Pitchfork Review or some random blog. I encouraged him to give it a go, and low and behold that album became a favorite of his (and mine), even to this day*


Cara said...

The Rosé is not gone yet, but it's getting there. Have you ever been to the wine shop in Little Italy? They have a really fun sparking Moscato. I like it way more than Spumante - and a little random bubbly is fun.

Machine Go Boom was a band that I told Jeff was "too loud" when I first heard them. I passed up two shows and finally decided to see them. I actually really like Machine Go Boom now, it's a shame that they broke up.

My only bad experience with their show was the Halloween show at Pat's in the Flats - I got stuck in a mosh pit (I didn't really know that was their kind of thing) was in a crappy mood anyway and demanded to leave. (PMS, anyone?)

Kelly and José said...

You guys have discipline! As for the wine shop in Little Italy, I don't think we've been -- thank you for the heads up :) We'll definitely have to try that moscato!

We are fans of Machine Go Boom too and wondered whatever happened to them. . .that's too bad they broke up, sigh. And, I never in a million years would have guessed there'd be moshing during one of their sets! I think I would have left if I got caught in the middle of a pit too ;)


Cara said...

It was absolutely crazy. I got elbowed by Spiderman, for goodness sake. Jeff thought I knew that people moshed at their shows. I had seen them in Columbus and at the Matinee on the west side. No moshers either time!