Sunday, January 8, 2012

There's A Lot Going On

Through many of my adult years, I'd get to December 31st and pine for a better tomorrow to follow the mediocre yesterdays. The 2011-2012 transition was one I spent with friends in a cottage on the shores of Lake Erie in Ontario. Instead of hoping for a better 2012, I remember just hoping that 2012 would be as good as 2o11 was.

2011 wasn't a perfect year, but as it went on it definitely got better. I got married last year, and went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon. A few weeks later, we spent a week in the Adirondacks. A couple of months later, we went to Albany and witnessed history in the making when our Aunt legally married her long-time partner. It was a very good year.

While in Canada, we visited a restaurant that boasted Mexican, Indian, Thai, Japanese, and other types of cuisine. The food was not bad by any definition, but I personally felt that some of the dishes seemed to lack depth, especially the vegetarian ones. A burrito that my friend had could have easily had beans or tofu or more vegetables, but only had sweet potato and salsa. I had an udon dish that was great in concept, but was very salty. I remarked how it almost tasted like it had been seasoned with a packet of extremely salty ramen seasoning. I wondered if by taking on so many cuisines, the restaurant lacked focus. I've been to "fusion" restaurants, but nothing like the place we went in Ontario. Has anyone seen a restaurant take on so many cuisines and do it well? I'd love to hear your comments!

Here's to 2012!