Sunday, June 13, 2010

I (less-than-three) CLE


I really am very glad that I moved here, and I can't believe that it's actually been nearly two years since I did so.

There have been some life events that have prevented me from updating lately, Jeff had a cycling accident three weeks ago where he ended up fracturing his hip. He had surgery and is now on the mend. He's on crutches and has been home for a couple of weeks. We aren't going out as often, but it's not going to stop us from getting around.

There are so many reasons I'm in love with the 216, and I talked about some of those (food related) reasons in my last entry. Cleveland is a fantastic place to find good food, but there's a lot more to our fair city. Many of you probably already know about the things I'm going to touch on today, but I hope that this will open up discussion amongst my readers. I'm not really a Cleveland newbie anymore, but I'm also a little partial to the East side. I have a feeling that there's so much more to love about CLE.

Terra Verde Soap Co. - They do for soap what Michael Symon does for pork. They take a simple thing that has been around for ages and make it scrumptious (please, do not eat the soap!). I discovered them for myself at the Bizarre Bazaar last Christmas. I have a love for all things soapy anyway (see Lush), but absolutely loved the Grass/Pumice soap. We also picked up some solid perfumes and candles as gifts for others. You can find TVSC at their Etsy shop, and at Salty not Sweet in Waterloo (yet another place I love here!). Last year they had candles poured into bottles of Christmas Ale, but they went quickly!

Little Italy - I live here. Perhaps then, I'm a little biased. But between the restaurants, the galleries and the PEOPLE - this is a wonderful place to be, on a temporary or permanent basis. The people in my community came to Jeff's aid when he fell at Murray Hill and Random Road. Councilman Kevin Conwell personally called EMS, and Fabio from Gusto found our house and alerted me that Jeff was injured. People who didn't know him came and brought him water, lifted him and carried him out of the street and waited with him until the ambulance took us to UH. People at the Alta House held his bicycle safely until we could be home to retrieve it. The Cipullo Bocce Tournament is coming in July, and the Alta House is raffling off a lease on a new car or a 7,000 dollar cash prize. All proceeds benefit the Alta House. Sure, I have the trains to lull me to sleep, but I also relish the sound of bocce balls colliding in the evening.

Music Saves - Everyone should know about this place, and if you don't - consider yourself informed and get over there. Instrumental in the vinyl resurgence in Cleveland, Music Saves is a great store for your vinyl, and non-vinyl musical needs. They also carry locally made jewelery, and clothing. They may still have some limited edition CLE Clothing Co. shirts. I picked up one a while back and I always get comments at the gym when I wear it. (About the shirt!)

Beachland Ballroom - I love the Ballroom/Tavern for a lot of reasons. They hosted my cousin's first gig in Cleveland (if you missed it, you should check her out) and are by far my favorite music venue in Cleveland overall. I love the brunches, especially when Tom and Leia are working - and I can't wait to get to one of the barn dances.

Speaking of Tom and Leia, I also love the Afternoon Naps!

This really just scratches the surface. I'd like to hear from my readers, though - what else do you love about Cleveland? This can include places to eat, of course!

On a personal note, I completed 27 miles in the Sunday in June bicycle tour in Burton today. I planned on 50 but as it turns out, I don't really care for a soggy chamois when I'm riding!