Monday, April 27, 2009

Triangle Man hates Person Man: Film at 11

Calvin (the RTA bus driver) is one of those people that makes living in Cleveland all the more awesome. Riding the bus can be a pretty banal event, but this man makes it a little more enjoyable. As I walked to the 9th and Euclid station tonight, I hoped that I would get to be on Calvin's bus.

A fun side fact about the creator of Calvin and Hobbes - Bill Watterson lived in Chagrin Falls. I bet you already knew that, though. Just like everyone sees the arrow in the FedEx logo. It's like hearing a five year old internet meme from your own mother, I'd wager.

I can has popcorn?

In the above picture, Calvin is attacking Chagrin Falls. (secret-ninja-jeff-edit)

Anyway, Calvin (the busdriver) likes to ask trivia questions over the loudspeaker. He encourages people to shout out the answers to his questions and it actually makes riding the bus FUN. You can see people who were previously scowling start to smile when they realize they know the answer to the question. For the duration of a few city blocks, you can feel like a genius in front of several strangers.

Jeff and I had lunch at a sushi place that (dare I say) rivals Pacific East. It's called Aoeshi Cafe and it is right next to the Cedar Lee theatre. Don't be put off by the plain decor or the styrofoam cups your water comes in, this sushi is amazing. We had the Mexican Roll (spicy tuna with crunchies) and our ever favorite, the Spider Roll (softshell crab, avocado and either daikon radish or lettuce). It's cheap, too. I was brave and tried a raw quail egg on top of citrus tobiko (usually flying fish roe). I wouldn't eat it again, but it was interesting.

Please check out Aoeshi Cafe. I didn't get the feeling that it was traveled much during the afternoon hours - not so sure about the evening. It's really good and if you're lucky you can sit on the futon (woo!).

Random photo of the day regarding something I probably talked about weeks ago:

Jeff and I at the wedding we attended in Columbus (like, a while ago)

The garden in the back of my house has been completed. I'd still like to do more to the patio, and there's quite a bit of cleanup left to do... But this is basically what it looks like at the moment. We filled (read: Jeff) about 10 yard waste bags full of mulch and debris that had been back there. I don't think there had been a garden in years.

I didn't plant as many herbs as I'd like, we'll see how the Dill and Thai Basil do first. I'm hoping to host a little shindig there this summer! (The patio is basically awesome, but cluttered now)

This used to be a crappy pile of mulch and dead pokeweed!

Kudos to my partner in foliage for thinking of the path formation.

Concord grapes grow on our patio walls!

Seriously, the patio will start to smell like a vineyard before too long. Some of the local gents here actually make very good wine, I'm hoping to get my hands on a Cabernet before long.

Oh god now you kind of know where I live...

I really like my street. There are a lot of nice people that live here, and the Alta House is amazing. If I could raise 200 bucks to get a bocce team together, I totally would for this summer. Yep, my little corner is about to get very busy, and not in a hooker-y way.

Come up and see us sometime. That reminds me, anyone up for a bike ride some weekend in the near future? We can ride the EUCLID CORRIDOR!!! (and wave to Calvin)


Kelly and José said...

That is funny you mention the RTA, b/c Jose's dad recently did the radio commercial for them -- he basically just talks about how much she loves public transportation and that the RTA is like having your own personal driver ;) At the very end he says "My name is Jose Feliciano and that's why I join the ride downtown on the RTA" or something. ..maybe you can be the spokesperson for their next commercial!

And, thank you for the heads up about Aoeshi -- we have almost gone there a couple times before/after a movie but just didn't know much about the quality of their sushi. Now we know!


ps - very cute picture of you and Jeff*

Cara said...


I got a lot of my hair chopped off yesterday at La Barberia.

La Dolce Vita is having a HUGE party tonight. Everyone welcome. (Just a heads up!)

I have mixed feelings about the RTA, but overall I think it's grand. I haven't been on Calvin's bus lately though, skipped the gym yesterday and will again tonight (party party!) so that means I leave earlier.

I was a little put off about Aoeshi too, but when we saw Sunshine Cleaning the sushi chef waved and smiled as we walked by - then remembered us when we went in about a week later. (Probably the short/tall contrast)

We've had that happen at another place, Anatolia Cafe (the Columbus one) where on the second visit, the owner of the restaurant asked if we wanted our "usual seat".

Kelly and José said...

Cara - I went to Chagrin Falls High School as did Bill Waterson. In the cafeteria there is one of his drawings that is a mural. It is very spaceman spiff esque. I wish I had a picture of it, I might just have to back to old stomping grounds and get one