Monday, April 15, 2013

Farenheit was HOT!

My husband and I have wanted to go to Fahrenheit for years now. For some reason, we don't actually make it out to Tremont very often... We hardly went to Tremont at all before we discovered the Taste of Tremont and Churned ice cream.

My in-laws were in Cleveland to see a presentation my husband was giving on Friday, and they asked us to pick a spot for dinner. We initially suggested Michaelangelo's in Little Italy (my Father-in-law LOVES the mussels appetizer they have/had there, and it was back on the menu) but they asked us to select something different. I posted on Twitter, asking other Cleveland foodies where to take them, and several people suggested Fahrenheit.

Can I say wow? Yeah, wow. I was blown away from the moment we walked in the door. The decor is sultry, warm and inviting. I told my husband I'd love to have one of the paintings from the wall - but it was sadly not on the menu.

We shared spring rolls and bacon wrapped, chorizo-stuffed dates as appetizers, and both were wonderful. I found myself wishing I had just one more stuffed date!

My husband got the lobster macaroni and cheese, and I got a strip steak. Both dishes seem like they could be ordinary, but they definitely weren't. The mac and cheese had decently-sized pieces of Maine lobster that were cooked beautifully, and the sauce was well balanced in flavor.

My steak had perfect char and was cooked properly, and the veggies had a great texture. I almost felt like I had too many fries, but I ate them anyway because they were lightly herbed and covered in parmesan and were delicious. They almost tasted as if they had a bit of truffle oil, but I could have been mistaking the headiness of the bites of mac and cheese (that I kept stealing from my husband) for that. The steak was finished with a red wine syrup, which had just a bit of sweetness.

I got the eclairs for dessert, and they were great - but too heavy for me. I needed every last drop of coffee in my cup to cut the heaviness/sweetness! There was absolutely nothing wrong with them, don't get me wrong - it was just overwhelming (due to all the wonderful food we'd already eaten).

My husband and I truly enjoyed Chef Whalen's creations, and will definitely be back. It was a little chilly Friday night, we'd love to go back when it's a little warmer so we can walk around!


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