Sunday, January 31, 2010

Naps and Dogs

I wasn't really into the local music scene when I lived in Columbus, and I hadn't really even heard of half of the bands I currently listen to. Over the series of several shows however, I have become friends with Leia Hohenfeld, singer/keyboardist of Afternoon Naps.

Afternoon Naps, the "Too Twee to live in this world" band hailing from Cleveland, Ohio plays happy, upbeat music that you can't help but (at the very least) bounce around to, in a way reminiscent of the awkward "dancing" at a middle school dance. They're awesome. Leia and Co. may have served you brunch at the Beachland Ballroom, but if you've never seen them play, you're missing out.

I got to have my first Afternoon Naps full show experience and hot dogs from Happy Dog on Friday. Let me say that it was very packed. We didn't get to sit down for a while, but once I got past the hunger pangs I was okay! A packed restaurant usually means that the food is good and also that people are there to listen to some great local music. I am not sure who the guy was that covered Cherub Rock, but it was unforgivable! The Naps had some sound issues at first, but played a very nice set.

The hot dogs were very tasty, and very large. I loved the toppings though one of the dogs was completely missing one of the toppings I had requested. Overall, I'd say they did pretty well with such a packed house, but I did miss the kimchi. Columbus has a similar place called Dirty Frank's which I have to admit, I like a little better. The hot dogs are a little smaller and the topping list isn't quite as vast, but what they do have is great (check out the Cowboy Curtis). I can't help but be a little biased towards a place that serves Jeni's ice cream, anyway! (That reminds me, I'd like to make it to Bar Cento sometime...).

Happy Dog gives you unlimited dipping sauces with your fries or tater tots. The grape jelly chile sauce and the chimichurri were amazing. We'd like to go back when it's not packed quite as badly. It was an interesting scene, to be sure. My first reaction, admittedly was to send a text message to a good friend that read; "Trapped in hipster bar, send help!". I'm glad we went though, for the music and the food.