Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Golly, I don't know what to say...

Hola, Muchachos y Muchachas...

Yo soy C---

*clears throat*

Sorry about that (well, I'm not) but I do have a bit of completely awesome news.

I just found out on Sunday that I am a finalist in the Dish, Make Me Over! contest being run over at Tricia's Dish. So, I would like to kindly ask you and yours to go and vote for me once again. I promise you have an incentive to do so (other than because you like me so much)...

When you do cast your vote, check out the weekly giveaways (porque...)

Now through 7/30, anyone who answers with my name to the "How did you hear about Tricia's Dish?" question on your giveaway entry form will count as vote(s) for me for as many entries you are eligible for {ie: If you enter a giveaway and get 2 bonus entries for Tweeting about it & becoming a subscriber, I'd get 3 votes}...right now, there are 5 giveaways on the site with 5 more being added before the end of the Summer Makeover Contest, so each of youse guys will be able to "cast a vote" each time you try to win a prize for yourself!!

What I'm in the running for:

- A full makeover
- Custom made outfit
- Shoes
- A photo session

Which is completely awesome for someone as fashion-challenged as me!

I didn't want to double post you on Sunday, so I waited. Check out Tricia's Dish even if you don't vote for me, she's got some really kickin' giveaways!!

PS: Please vote for me!


alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

just voted for you, good luck!

Cara said...

Woop! Thanks!

I like the bubbly looking green dress. I wonder if I get to choose if I win...

Kelly and José said...

I voted for you too! :) You'll have to keep us posted!

Cara said...

K & J: Thanks! I think today was the last day. I hope I win!