Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm still alive

After several weeks with a dead computer and a few days with an infected one (that I fixed... hooray for geek cred) - I am back in the good graces of the internet.

Everything has happened (isn't that what everything does?) in such magnitude that I can't even recall the proper chronological order for said everythings. Does that make sense? Of course it doesn't, you don't gotta lie to kick it.

The Cavs have lost (again) and it's looking a little grim for the playoffs. We spent the evening at La Dolce Vita after having pizza at Pizza Bogo which is actually a very good/interesting pizza place. Their Hawaiian pizza has mango on it, in addition to pineapple. Yummy.

Oh! Here's an everything that should make you want to get all dressed up and have pre-marital sex... It's time for the Beachland Ballroom Prom! Yes, this very Friday will be the time of your life. Put on that taffeta dress and pick at a garden salad, it's prom time! - Music by Living Stereo, Saint Ohio, Helper T Cells, and Good Morning Valentine. Here's hoping for more yo-yo antics as well. I'll be there, dressed as Princess Peach of Super Mario Bros. fame (unintentionally, my dress was 11 dollars at the Unique Thrift Store).

It seems that they're offering dinner this year, but we'll likely be going to L'Albatros (yay!) or somewhere equally tasty. I hope the weather is nice, a seat on the patio could be good!

More updates to come. I've been really busy and promise to post lots more, now that I'll have real internet!