Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Word around the street is that it's NOT going to be Battuto, that Valerio's is just moving closer to the main drag. Bummer.

Time for NCIS!


Kelly and José said...

We have been meaning to tell you how much we liked that Cleveland Skyline photo you previously had as the "header" of your blog :) Actually, we would absolutely love a copy.

Also -- your description of The Little Ones was very accurate and appreciated your spot on references, both of us being fans of Morning Benders and Sea Wolf.

It's always great to discover a fellow blogger who enjoys cooking and some good indie rock*

Cara said...

Thank you! I have been meaning to put that back up. I'll get that to you later on tonight. We're heading out to shop here in a little while.

We love to cook. And, we absolutely love indie rock. You missed a good show at Beachland last month by a gal named Chelsea Williams. Thanks for stopping by the blog! I need to add you to my list but I just forget how!