Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some Things Just Aren't Worth Glowing For

Friends, I know you might think that playing miniature golf in a dark room that looks like a hippie vomited fluorescent paint to his own delight could be a wonderful thing...But allow me to tell you that it (in fact) is NOT.

Jeff and I went to Strongsville and played Monster Minigolf which is basically as described above, but add music coming back to haunt us from the late 80s and early 90s, along with costumed children who have over imbibed on sugary drinks and sweets - and you have Monster Minigolf.

In retrospect, this was not worth the $7.00 Jeff forked out (per person). I believe we went under false pretenses. One reviewer states:

"This place is amazing! Better than Chuck E. Cheese"

This was a promising review, because what's worse than Chuck E. Cheese? Sure, John McCain and Sarah Palin stink out loud...But there's seldom something quite so bad as eating pizza made by a rat. Let's be honest for just a moment.

Had we read the additional reviews, we would have had an epiphany like one that a drunk man has when the lights come on at last call.

"We've been to both places and we don't go to the one in the mall no more. Its bigger they have an arcade and you should see the big dude in the back stand up and talk."

Jeff commented that we've been to two miniature golf courses in Cleveland and they've both only been "ironically fun". If you can direct me to a happening mini-golf course, I'll buy you a drink at La Dolce.

We decided to make our way to Melt but the wait was a little long. We decided to go to Angelo's in Lakewood instead. In my opinion, this place has the best pizza - their pizza is better than Mama Santa's (I know, blasphemy). Keep in mind, that pizza is one of the 7 deadly sins to me. It's almost worse than McDonald's to me. Pizza is "slumming it" as far as sustinence goes, for me.

There's something about their slightly quirky pizzas that is so damn good. Ask me to place a finger on it and I cannot - it's just very good pizza. Tonight it was the meat lover's pizza, or as I call it, the "petting zoo" pizza. I liked it but have deep regret for eating it now. It was heavy, it was seasoned and was very...piggy. Give me something like the Acapulco Chicken BBQ (pineapple, chicken, bbq sauce, etc) that's a little lighter and I'm a happy sinner. It's a shame (for Jeff and I, not for Melt) that Melt was so busy. I think it even put Jeff in a hammy coma, because I called him from La Dolce not a half hour after we got home and he sounded as if he had been sleeping.

We had a lot of fun (sans Jeff, sadly) at La Dolce tonight.

CJ and I went and acted like normal customers on Thursday night. We had a cheese platter, a bottle of Meridian Pinot Noir and the Ravioli Fellini (cheese ravioli in a gorgonzola/parmesan/pancetta sauce). We were given fruit bathed in triple sec and a slice of tiramisu at the end. I have talked a lot about this place since I started this blog, but it's only because it is pure heaven and worth every single penny you spend there. La Dolce Vita (and a large part of Little Italy) doesn't get nearly as much love as it deserves.

If you want to be immersed in a cozy nostalgia with incredibly friendly people, Frank Sinatra blaring from some storefronts (I can't help but feel a little more carefree and happy when I experience this) as well as the best cassata cake (which is from Presti's - don't let Mario Batali tell you otherwise) - live in Little Italy.

I hope to catch a hayride and a bonfire before autumn is over.