Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cleveland Reruns

I'll admit that I haven't been as adventurous as of late when trying out new places in Cleveland. When we have gone out, we've stuck to the tried and true, the not-so-new - and that's fine for us. We did have our first Momocho experience recently, but that's another post.

Work has kept me busy lately, and I've really enjoyed cooking at home. We made liege waffles a while back, and I've also had a thing for breakfast burritos (Greek yogurt instead of sour cream = loverly!). Since we bought our pizza stone, we hardly go out for pizza anymore. I'm also doing my very best not to unleash my bridey-ness all over this blog. It's not even relevant. We're not even getting married in Cleveland!

Tonight's post is about the reruns, the places you go back to again and again. I've already touched on my love affair with L'Albatros in previous posts so I won't do that this time. Here's just a couple of my favorite "reruns".

India Garden (Lakewood). Despite the fact that one of the waiters consistently hits on me and tells my fiance that he's a "lucky, lucky man" when he finds out that we have no babies, this is on my personal list of favorites. Their mango lassi is great (second only to Cafe Tandoor's) and the buffet is inexpensive and tasty. We lucked out on our last visit and had gulab jamun with kheer after our lunch.

Richie Chan's (Cleveland Heights). This is one of those unassuming places, kind of like Thai Kitchen in Lakewood - where you're not quite sure what to make of the non-decorated, folding tables and chairs. The menus are partially hand-written in the case of Richie Chan's.

A person attempting to be judicious might tell you that this gives a place character, makes it unique, and that a restaurant doesn't need to pop out to you in some way to get you in the door. I disagree. I think most people want something to pop. Sheherazade had to keep King Shahryar hooked on the stories she told so as to protect her own life... Hookless restaurants generally have a harder time of it.

That being said, if you're brave or trusting enough to visit either of these places - I don't think you'll be disappointed. Hooks? They don't need no steenking hooks, mang.

Tell me about your reruns. What places do you visit in CLE again and again?